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Featured Products from GFC!

*Newest Addition!

Five Star Beef Jerky is the newest addition to GFC's ever growing line of represented products.  Five Star is made with 100% American beef and is crafted with carefully paired ingredients like rich garlic flavors, savory spices, and liquid smoke.  Each serving is packed with 8 grams of protein and only 70 calories making it an excellent "guilt free" snack.  Five Star is also extremely moist and tender making it stand out among the competition.  Available in two flavors -- Grilled Mesquite and Roasted Garlic.

Cornell Foods is the brand identification for those products represented by Global Food Connection, Inc. This covers a wide range of products for the food service Industry as well as retail markets. Global Food Connection, Inc. is an international distributor for the Cornell Foods line of products covering such things as a variety of cheese and cheese items, salad dressings, mayonnaise, pickles, peppers, sauces and more for both food service and retail.  

Cornell Foods Product List

Alta Foods, LLC is a manufacturer of flour tortillas, corn tortillas, flavored wraps, and corn tortilla chips. They are certified for school business, military foodservice, private labeling and more. Their products can be packaged for the food service industry as well as retail. All of their products are produced to order to ensure the freshest tortillas possible. Alta Foods is an SQF Level 3 facility as well as Star‐K Kosher certified. Alta Foods retail packaging falls under the name Celia’s Tortillas.

Alta Foods Product List

Mother Earth Products is a producer of freeze-dried and dehydrated foods with a focus on a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. The company offers a variety of packaging options that can save money and, more importantly, preserve the products in the best possible way. All of their packaging is FDA approved for long shelf life, food storage, and handling. All of their single items – dehydrated vegetables, freeze-dried fruits, dehydrated beans, etc. – use no additives or preservatives of any kind. Since the ingredients are “unpolluted”, this is a reason these products work so well for healthy snacks.

Mother Earth Product List

Obis One is a producer of aged, organic black garlic. Black garlic is known for its health benefits and uniquely delicious taste. Obis One’s black garlic is organic and all natural with no additives. The company oversees 100% of the growing, harvesting, curing, aging, and packaging process. The shelf life of the black garlic bulbs and cloves is a minimum of 3 years at room temperature.  Obis One offers several varieties of packaging for their fresh garlic cloves including a dried garlic grinder dispenser called "Black Crack" to use as you would any other seasoning.  This is a terrific product to include in your next culinary delight!

Obis One Product List

Gunther's Gourmet is the manufacturer of various gourmet salsas, hot sauces, dips, marinades & vinaigrettes, and Bloody Mary mix (multiple uses including as a soup base). Gunther’s Gourmet has been receiving awards for their products since 2007 including the Scovie Award and The Hot Pepper Award. Their varied product line is all natural and low in sodium. They also offer fat free salsas.  Gunther's Gourmet is equipped to handle retail and food service packs.  A number of U.S. chefs utilize Gunther's Gourmet products as a base for their own signature dishes.

Gunther's Gourmet Product List

Ajinomoto Foods North America, Inc. is a leading manufacturer in the frozen food and appetizer industry with their onion rings and other breaded vegetables. The company is dedicated to contributing to a healthier lifestyle through nutritious and balanced “Umami” foods. Their products span across the largest categories of ethnic frozen foods ranging from Mexican to Italian to Asian and across every distribution channel including food service, grocery, warehouse club, and custom manufacturing.

Ajinomoto Foods Handout

WADO Partners specializes in frozen fruit and vegetables with a wide range of products and specifications. They bring a long history of supplying to the most strict of global markets, requiring utmost attention to detail and customer care. Customers include medium to large size importers, retailers, convenience stores, food service distributors, and industrial users therefore providing a wide range on packaging options. In food service and retail, the primary focus is on developing private label but they can also offer certain options on supplier brands. For the US market, Wado Partners is well informed and proactive with FSMA requirements. For the export market, Wado Partners is proactive and up to date on pesticide and food legislation to make sure their suppliers meet all necessary requirements.

WADO Partners Product List

Lakeview Cheese manufactures and distributes a wide variety of cheese products. The company offers a full line of standard cheeses, along with many variations; with all types being available in block, slice, cube, and shredded forms. They also carry a selection of imported cheeses as well as cheese sauces. Many of their cheeses are available in low‐sodium, lactose‐free, reduced fat and non‐dairy varieties. In addition, they offer a broad selection of packaging and private label options.

Lakeview Cheese Handout

Leprino Foods is the largest mozzarella cheese producer in the world. Founded in 1950, Leprino Foods has been producing high‐quality dairy products for over 65 years. They are also the leading producer of whey protein, lactose, and other dairy ingredients.
As the world’s largest producer of mozzarella and pizza cheese, Leprino is focused on making pasta filata cheese – cheese that’s made through a patented process of heating and stretching. The result is a perfectly crafted cheese that provides just the right amount of flavor, melt, and stretch. All Leprino Foods cheese is made with the highest‐quality ingredients, including fresh, Grade A milk.

Leprino Foods Handout

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