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Our Team is Family

Global Food Connection, Inc. is an Export Trading Company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia with one location in Nashville, NC, one in North Myrtle Beach, SC, and two locations in Richmond, VA.  Our company facilitates the procurement, assembly and shipment of foodservice, retail and commodity products for the international market.  These include a full line of foodservice products (dry, chilled and frozen) and the commodities of dairy, beef, poultry and pork.


Ron Cornell, former Director of Fast Food Merchandisers International founded Global Food Connection (GFC) in March of 1999.  GFC is well versed in all aspects of the food and food service business having held positions in all of the various disciplines of the industry ie: accounting and finance, sales and marketing, procurement as well as operations and distribution.  GFC has a combined knowledge of 30 plus years in handling and providing support and administration within the industry.  Our network of suppliers within the industry gives you a high level of quality products to cover any and all of your food service and retail food product requirements.  This combined with our 20 plus years of experience in exporting provides the assurance and confidence that GFC has the knowledge to cover your needs from start to finish and meeting all in country requirements of documentation, regulations and labeling.  Our staff’s combined knowledge and experience will provide the assurance that the customer is receiving the highest level of quality service at the most competitive price.


The staff of GFC is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and excellence as a full foodservice and retail consolidator and distributor for the international arena.


Our goal is to support our customers as the one source of contact to provide all of their needs from the USA with a commitment to total customer satisfaction and excellence in handling all requirements of exporting.

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